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Welcome to The Weekender Herald. A community newspaper distributed in the Adelaide Hills, The Weekender Herald provides news and information about local people and local happenings.

On this site you'll find all the things that make The Weekender Herald such a great read in print, along with extra pictures, stories and an archive of previous issues. There's also contact details, information on how to advertise in The Weekender Herald and how you can share your stories with the local community. Enjoy!

Doin' The Do Si Do
Amy Park, June 22nd, 2017

Doin' The Do Si Do

The Hills community will be looking to pull on their dancing boots for an upcoming Barn Dance in support of Aussie farmers on Saturday, July 1. The dance is hosted by the Adelaide Hills Women’s Network, a social networking group for women in the Hills. The group meets about every six weeks at Hills locations, and run a number of networking events and a major fundraiser each year. Funds raised from the dance will go to... Read Article

Bring Your Own
Melina Scarfo, June 15th, 2017

Bring Your Own

In Australia it’s estimated we use one billion disposable coffee cups each year. Most end up in land fill because of the thin plastic lining preventing them from being recycled. But the Responsible Cafes movement is working to reduce this waste by nurturing a culture of reuse. When coffee drinkers bring their reusable cup to participating... Read Article

Fun & Mayhem
Melina Scarfo, June 08th, 2017

Fun & Mayhem

Tales of love and loss weave their way through The Heggarties’ debut album, but it has been a long wait for fans. The Hills alt-country band first formed in 2009, playing cover songs by bands such as Bryan Adams and The Decemberists. Now a six-piece, The Heggarties will launch their self-titled album at their ‘spiritual home’ the... Read Article

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