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Welcome to The Weekender Herald. A community newspaper distributed in the Adelaide Hills, The Weekender Herald provides news and information about local people and local happenings.

On this site you'll find all the things that make The Weekender Herald such a great read in print, along with extra pictures, stories and an archive of previous issues. There's also contact details, information on how to advertise in The Weekender Herald and how you can share your stories with the local community. Enjoy!

Teen angst: there are resources available to parents
Lucy Robinson, May 25th, 2017

Teen angst: there are resources available to parents

Every generation faces its challenges but social media, cyber-bullying and smartphone addiction are some the parents of today’s teenagers probably never had to navigate. Cornerstone College has added a new resource for parents seeking to better understand what might be going on in their teenage children’s lives, partnering with the multimedia platform SchoolTV. Free monthly editions - that are emailed to parents - cover topics like cyber safety, underage drinking and sexting, equipping parents with fact sheets, video... Read Article

Acoustic fun: Cafe is 'university' for novice performers
Lucy Robinson, May 18th, 2017

Acoustic fun: Cafe is 'university' for novice performers

Around 5pm on the first Sunday of each month, excitement starts to build in a Balhannah cafe. As patrons gather for dinner, a member of the audience will step up to the mic. They could be 13 or 70, singing folk or pop, and playing almost any instrument. Whether they’re a seasoned performer or it’s their first... Read Article

Mushtastic: Edible beauties being grown locally
Melina Scarfo, May 11th, 2017

Mushtastic: Edible beauties being grown locally

A self-taught mushroom expert is helping other home gardeners cultivate mushrooms – in buckets. Lobethal’s Wayne Slape has been experimenting with alternative mushroom growing techniques for over a decade. Through his online business Forestspiral, Wayne offers everything needed to set up a mushroom farm, from pre-made mushroom kits to specific grain spawns. It has taken him years... Read Article

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